Kestrel Jewellery

Kestrel Jewellery - K2 Brand ID
We’ve just completed two Jewellery Brochures for the fast-growing Birmingham manufacturer Kestrel. The brochures showcase a bespoke collection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

[issuu backgroundcolor=ffffff showflipbtn=true documentid=091009105555-f14c3e46ff8942639fc6141130dbddd3 docname=k2jewellery username=sodadesign loadinginfotext=K2%20Jewellery%20Design width=420 height=192 unit=px]
[issuu backgroundcolor=ffffff showflipbtn=true documentid=091009112537-581674edbbf34e598e3d74b32360bec2 docname=unity_bands_brochure username=sodadesign loadinginfotext=Unity%20Bands width=420 height=297 unit=px]

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